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Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Symptoms: Snoring and Fatigue

Sleep apnea treatment starts with a diagnosis. Fortunately, for people in the Virginia Beach, VA area, General and Implant Dentistry can both diagnose and treat the sleep disorder. You may notice some of your sleep apnea symptoms, but there are others you can't see yourself. Snoring is frequently an indicator of sleep apnea, but you may not know you snore unless a sleeping partner tells you so.

Gasping and skipping breaths while sleeping is clear evidence of sleep apnea. Again, you can't observe your own behavior while you sleep, but a partner may notice it. In fact, if you have sleep apnea, you will stop breathing for 10 seconds or longer at a time while you sleep. These pauses in breathe can startle or scare others, but your sleeping self will be unaware of any breathing problems.

Dr. Jenkins will explain that there are other symptoms of sleep apnea that may be more obvious to you. Restless sleep, feeling tired when you wake, and getting sleepy during the day can all result from sleep apnea. It can also lead to grouchiness, fatigue and depression.

If you live in the Virginia Beach, VA area, and don't feel like your sleep is as restful as its supposed to be, you could be suffering from sleep apnea or another sleep disorder. Call General and Implant Dentistry at (855) 421-9711 to schedule an appointment and find out how we can help you sleep better.

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