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Sleep Apnea

Snoring May Indicate Sleep Apnea

General and Implant Dentistry offers treatment for all sorts of oral problems - even snoring! Though most people in the Virginia Beach, VA area might not think of seeing a dentist for snoring, it turns out that dentists like Arthur Jenkins, D.D.S., can effectively treat sleep disorders like sleep apnea, which is often the cause of snoring.

A snore is the rumbling sound of air traveling through a partially obstructed airway. When the airway becomes fully obstructed, you get obstructive sleep apnea. This breathing disorder is characterized by pauses in breathing that last at least 10 seconds, followed by gasping.

By itself, snoring isn't a health risk. Sleep apnea, on the other hand, genuinely is. When you skip breaths, your blood oxygen levels plummet. This can damage your brain and body, Sleep apnea ups your risk of various health problems, including stroke, heart attack, and memory loss.

Before Dr. Jenkins can treat a snoring problem, he needs to determine the cause. Sleep apnea treatment helps patients breathe smoothly all night long, and it has the delightful side benefit of reducing or eliminating snoring.

If you (or your partner) have a snoring problem, General and Implant Dentistry can help. Just give us a ring at (855) 421-9711 and we'll schedule an appointment for you to come into our Virginia Beach office to discuss treatment options.

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